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Solar Light Projects Illuminating Lives with Carbon Credit Solutions

Our carbon credit solutions effectively decrease carbon emissions, alleviate poverty, and bring about transformative, life-changing effects.

Built to last

Little lights. Big impacts.

By replacing kerosene lamps and candles, our solar-powered lights effectively eliminate carbon emissions and toxic fume. Our solar lights are specifically crafted to empower individuals and families, regardless of their location. By offering safe and clean solar-powered alternatives, we enable people to replace harmful kerosene lamps. Our portable solar lights projects are built to be durable, ensuring long-lasting performance for indoor and outdoor use.

775 million people

775 million people in the world don’t have access to electricity.

15 hours of light

Each light provides up to 15 hours of illumination from a single charge.

92kg carbon emissions

Each solar light prevents the emission of 92kg of carbon annually.

Brighter and safer!

Avoid 350kg+ of carbon emissions per year.

A single kerosene lamp emits 370+ kg of carbon dioxide annually, adding up to over one tonne in just three years. However, with solar power, these emissions are eliminated. Solar lights through solar light projetcs are small yet intelligent innovations providing hours of evening light, enabling families to work, learn, and feel secure after dark, all while combating climate change.

Net zero news

Delve into the latest trends and insightful tips within the domain of environmental ecosystems and achieving carbon neutrality and Solar Light Projects.

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