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Complaints Procedure

updated: 1 July 2023

Feedback and Complaints

This complaints procedure has been prepared by 2050 Paris and is intended for all donors, partners, or individuals who have a complaint about 2050 Paris in any way. It includes provisions on how complaints against one or more volunteers, board members, or individuals associated with 2050 Paris are submitted and handled.

1.1 A complainant can file a complaint with 2050 Paris in the following ways:
(A) by email: contact@2050.paris
(B) orally: to a volunteer or board member of 2050 Paris

1.2 When submitting the complaint, the complainant must provide at least the following information:
(A) name
(B) address
(C) place of residence of the complainant
(D) the nature
(E) a clear and detailed description of the complaint.

1.3 A complaint that does not include or is incomplete in providing the information mentioned in Article 3.2 will not be processed by 2050 Paris.

If reasonably possible, 2050 Paris will inform the complainant within five working days after the complaint is filed, that the complaint cannot be processed due to incomplete information.

1.4 By filing a complaint, the complainant accepts the content of this Complaints Procedure.

2.1 The complainant will receive, if reasonably possible, a written acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint from 2050 Paris within three working days after the complaint has been submitted to 2050 Paris, which may include email, and will include a reference number.

If the complaint has been submitted to 2050 Paris by telephone or otherwise orally, 2050 Paris may verbally confirm the receipt of the complaint, along with the reference number.

2.2 For the assessment and/or resolution of the complaint, 2050 Paris may request the complainant or third parties for further information.

2.3 2050 Paris aims to handle the complaint within 21 days after it has been submitted, using one of the methods mentioned in Article 2.1, and will inform the complainant in writing, which may include email, about the outcome.

2.4 If, however, the complaint cannot be resolved within 21 days, 2050 Paris will provide a written explanation, which may include email, to the complainant stating the additional period within which 2050 Paris will handle the complaint. 2050 Paris will then inform the complainant in writing, which may include email, within the specified additional period about the manner in which the complaint will be resolved.

A complaint submitted through one of the methods mentioned in Article 2.1 will be terminated if:
(A) the complainant withdraws the complaint;
(B) after mediation and/or consultation with the complainant, it is determined that the complainant no longer wishes for further handling of the complaint;

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