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Beware of scams

Fraudalert-Carbon Footprint

2050 Paris has been made aware of various fraudulent correspondences circulated via email, internet websites, text messages, regular mail, or facsimile, falsely claiming association with the organization and its officials. These scams aim to deceive recipients into providing money or personal details.

2050 Paris wishes to warn the public about these fraudulent activities, perpetuated in the name of the organization and its officials, using different schemes.

Please note the following important points:

  • 2050 Paris does not charge any fee during its recruitment process or request bank account information from applicants. To apply for a job, visit www.2050.paris and click on Careers or contact hr@2050.paris.
  • 2050 Paris does not charge any fee during its procurement process or request bank account information from suppliers.
  • 2050 Paris does not offer prizes, awards, funds, certificates, ATM cards, compensation for Internet fraud, scholarships, or conduct lotteries.
  • 2050 Paris does not approve military vacations or pensions, nor does it release packages in exchange for a fee.

Recipients of such solicitations should exercise extreme caution and avoid transferring money or providing personal information to those issuing fraudulent correspondence. Victims of such scams may report them to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

This information serves as a warning and is not an official document.

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