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Empowering Communities with Solar Cooker Projects

Solar cookers bring health and financial benefits.

Boil water in under 5 mins.

Distributing solar cookers bringing health and financial benefits. The design of the cooker is perfectly suited for the local diet and climate, taking advantage of the abundant sunshine year-round. By replacing traditional inefficient coal-fired cooking stoves, it drastically reduces fuel consumption and indoor air pollution through solar cooker projects.

Affordable and Clean Energy

The thermal efficiency of a traditional coal furnace is 15%, while the solar cooker boasts a much higher thermal efficiency of 65%.

Good Health and Wellbeing

Replacing fossil fuel-based stoves with solar cookers offers the advantage of reducing indoor air pollution.

Responsible Consumption

Rural households can effectively replace fossil fuel consumption in their cooking and water boiling with solar energy, thereby avoiding CO2 emissions.

How it is made

A glimpse into our manufacturing process

Crafting a solar cooker involves a meticulous process of engineering and assembly. Reflective surfaces focus sunlight, while heat-absorbing materials convert it into usable heat. These components are thoughtfully combined by skilled technicians. Rigorous quality checks guarantee safety and efficiency.

Net zero news

Embark on a journey through the latest trends and valuable tips in environmental ecosystems and the path to carbon neutrality.

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