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We provide access to clean water with borehole drilling projects

Boreholes Drilling Projects are essential for their critical role in providing access to clean water sources and boreholes contribute to environmental sustainability.

Poverty is exacerbated by the lack of clean water.

We provide clean water.

In developing countries the water quality is poor, prompting local communities to use wood for boiling drinking water on inefficient cookers to avoid waterborne diseases caused by polluted water. However, this traditional water boiling method leads to additional greenhouse gas emissions due to wood burning. To address this issues, our wells provide clean water without using fuel like wood, metal, or fossil. Our wells reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help curb deforestation in the surrounding regions caused by firewood production.

Preventing CO2 emissions

A solitary borehole is preventing CO2 emissions annually.

Providing clean water

On average, one borehole supplies 1,200,000 liters of clean drinking water annually.

Saving children's lives

On average, each borehole will save the lives of two children below the age of 5.

Why boreholes are desperately needed.

What many need the most lies right beneath them.

It is truly astonishing that what a developing community urgently requires is often right beneath them. The accessibility of this valuable resource can make a significant impact on countless lives and the environment.

Advantages of Clean Water

Boreholes for clean water lead to reduced carbon emissions.

Apart from environmental impacts boreholes offer a wide range of other benefits.

  • Improving livelihoods, particularly for women and children, who are unfairly disadvantaged by the lack of access to clean water. In households without water access on premises, women and girls are often burdened with water collection responsibilities in about 80% of cases.
  • With up to 6 hours saved per day, more time can be allocated to education, agriculture, and other productive tasks. This translates to approximately 275 working days per year. Approximately 55 working weeks' worth of time is saved annually.

co2 emissions Boreholes waterwells NET ZERO UN SDGs Peter somers carbon credits carbon offset 2050 paris net zero

Collecting firewood

Having a borehole in a community allows us to save up to 3600 kg of firewood daily.

greenhouse emissions Boreholes waterwells NET ZERO UN SDGs Peter somers carbon credits carbon offset 2050 paris net zero

Boiling water

In the absence of a borehole, a community typically needs to boil around 5400 liters of water per day.

Net zero news

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